Drop Nineteens – “Scapa Flow”

Drop Nineteens – “Scapa Flow”

Amongst the bands that make up the first wave of American shoegaze in the ’90s, Boston’s Drop Nineteens are amongst the most hallowed. Partly because their 1992 debut Delaware contains some bona fide classics of the genre – “Winona” and “Kick The Tragedy” are fixtures of “intro to shoegazing” playlists – but also because the band took the “live fast, die young” approach to their career, splitting in 1995 after just two albums, and resisting any temptation to reunite for the next three decades despite a fanbase that grew ever-larger in their absense.

And then an Instagram post from frontman Greg Ackell in January of last year announced that some musings about what the band would sound like today turned into reality when bassist Steve Zimmerman sent him a new guitar, and that quickly begat a new record.

Specifics of said record came yesterday, and the third Drop Nineteens album Hard Light will be out on November 3 and will be accompanied by a short US tour.

In an interview with Stereogum accompanying the announcement, frontman Greg Ackell said:

“The one thing I was certain of, more than anything in my life, was that I would never make music again,” Ackell stresses, vibrating with enthusiasm like a college professor mid-lecture. “I knew that more than I knew anything. And having now come back, it just goes to show me — that I know nothing!”

Drop Everything, There’s A New Drop Nineteens Album @ Stereogum

And here we are. The lead single from the new record came with a video.

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