Wire / PF456

I already got into the complexities of Wire’s early 2000s material last month, so let’s just consider this an extended footnote to that piece. But to sum up: after essentially disbanding a second time in 1991 following the release of Manscape and departure of drummer Robert Gotobed – including a short reincarnation as Wir – […]

Sad Lovers & Giants – “Cow Boys”

Peruse any list of “essential post-punk bands” and at some point, probably at least halfway down the list, you’ll probably find an entry for Watford’s Sad Lovers & Giants. Find a list for “most overlooked post-punk bands”, and they’ll probably be near the top. Whatever the reasons for their under-appreciatedness, lack of quality is not […]

Blue Skied An’ Clear: An appreciation of Slowdive’s Pygmalion

Conventional wisdom holds that Slowdive’s second album Souvlaki is their masterpiece – certainly it’s my go-to of their catalog – but the critical re-evaluation Pygmalion – their once-but-no-longer swan song – has gotten over the past quarter-century is pretty remarkable. On its initial release in February of 1995, it seemed to be cursed. Drummer Simon […]