Lush – “Sweetness & Light”

I need to get back to my original intent of dropping quick bits of whatever without lots of commentary, so here’s the video for Lush’s second single, released October 15, 1990, and included in their not-their-first-album-but-generally-regarded-as-their-first-album Gala. I’d actually never seen this vid nor the original single art before putting this post together, so we’ll […]

Reverb talks songwriting with Japanese Breakfast’s main purpose is as a music gear marketplace, responsible for inciting poor decision making from impulse control-deficient musicians (I’m looking at you, me). But they also maintain a respectable editorial department, and so there’s pieces like this March 2018 interview with Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast about her second album, Sad Songs From Another […]

Choux – “Super Moon”

Choux are a Canadian-American duo comprised of Montreal’s Lizzie Carolan and Minneapolis’ Jordan Gatesmith. The title track of their 2020 debut mini-album cops some ridiculous Elizabeth Fraser vibes and while the rest doesn’t go so straight Cocteaus, it’s beautiful dream-pop, front to back.