Yuragi / Still Dreaming, Still Deafening

Yuragi / <i>Still Dreaming, Still Deafening</i>
Yuragi by keifrusciante

Finding info on indie Japanese bands is not so easy; I had to sift through three bands with the same name (and one anime series) just to make sure I had the right people in the promo photo. But as far as I’ve been able to discern, they’re a four-piece from Shiga prefecture in Japan, and they’re kind of amazing.

Yuragi translates to “fluctuation” in English (at least according to Google), and that’s a pretty accurate descriptor, as is the title of their 2018 EP Still Dreaming, Still Deafening as it combines massive shoegaze distortion textures with soaring female vocals overtop song structures that range from concise pop gems to sprawling post-rock epics.

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