Catherine Wheel – “Delicious”

Catherine Wheel – “Delicious”

Given the fact that Catherine Wheel fans are a particular type of fanatical, and the fact that the outfit remains one of the few ’90s acts to not yet reunite, it’s not surprising that it doesn’t take much to get the rumour mill humming. Like, for example, a sudden flurry of activity on the band’s Facebook page over the weekend – posts of a completely random nature – got some tongues wagging.

Their profile has been given a bit of a boost recently with no less than Billie Eilish coming out as a fan – covers of Rob Dickinson solo track “The End Of The World” and the Wheel’s “I Want To Touch You” will do that – but there’s no evidence that an actual reunion is in the works. One almost did happen mind – in a 2018 interview with The Big Takeover, bassist Dave Hawes said:

 I didn’t have any communication with any of the band members until 2008 (?) when Rob called me about a possible reunion. Then within a matter of an afternoon I had talked to Rob, Brian and Neil which was great. However, the reunion never did happen but it felt good to be in touch with everyone again. And I got an email from our manager (Merck Mercuriadis), apologizing for what happened. Water under the bridge.

Catherine Wheel revisited – an interview with Dave Hawes @ The Big Takeover

Dickinson’s solo record Fresh Wine For The Horses did get a Record Store Day vinyl reissue last year and Catherine Wheel’s own catalog continues to trickle out on wax – whither Like Cats & Dogs? Wishville? – but so far where there’s smoke there’s just vinyl reissues. No sign that anything is actually pulling Rob away from his custom Porsche shop.

But any excuse to go back and luxuriate in their 1997 masterpiece Adam & Eve is fine with me. This was the video for the first single, “Delicious”, and despite listening to the record a million times I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it. So this is as much for me as for you.

Fun fact – the female spoken word bits are by Danish model/actress Cecile Thomsen, who can also claim the title of “Bond Girl” for her appearance in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Dickinson says that he planned on adding female vocals to the song while mixing the track at Bryan Adams’ studio in Vancouver.

During a serendipitous moment in the studio, Dickinson was introduced to Adams’ girlfriend, Thompson, who agreed to perform on the track.

Mercury’s Catherine Wheel Gets Thematic With “Adam & Eve” @ Billboard, via CWville

So there you go. There is no evidence, however, that she appears in the video. Probably couldn’t afford her.

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