Song Exploder: Franz Ferdinand – “Take Me Out”

Song Exploder: Franz Ferdinand – “Take Me Out”

I’m not a big podcast guy – I’d generally rather listen to music than listen to people talk – but I do like Song Exploder, even if I frequently forget that it’s around. Their latest episode reminded me they were, however, as well as the fact that I like Franz Ferdinand (though I guess not quite enough to never forget that I like them).

In any case, this episode has frontman Alex Kapranos recounting how he and guitarist Nick McCarthy wrote their first – and still biggest – single, “Take Me Out”. It’s a good listen, obviously timed to align with their forthcoming best-of compilation Hits To The Head, out on March 11.

American Songwriter also asked Kapranos to cover the same ground for them, so if you want to read the same thing in different words, you’re in luck:

Behind The Song: “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand @ American Songwriter

And if hearing how it was written has inspired you to try playing it yourself, you’re in luck – Songsterr has the complete score available for your MIDI enjoyment:

Franz Ferdinand – “Take Me Out” @ Songsterr

Or just watch the band play (mime?) it in the video:

And now that I’m reminded of Song Exploder, you can expect to see a few more episodes – at least – posted here in the next little while.

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