DIIV / Live at The Murmrr Theatre

DIIV / <em>Live at The Murmrr Theatre</em>

New York shoegazers DIIV are a few years on from their last studio record, 2019’s Deceiver, but have had a very busy 2022 with a months-long European tour this Summer following on from a handful of North American festivals in the Spring. But for those of us who weren’t anywhere near those shows, they’ve got something to offer.

As Zachary Cole Smith frames it:

we put out a live acoustic album today — here’s a bit of backstory — in august 2017 I was 5 months sober and DIIV hadn’t played a show in almost a year. our friend ric helped us set up an intimate acoustic show in a theater in our hometown of brooklyn. we decorated the stage with stuff from our houses and played our home videos on a tv. we invited our friends and family and played some songs from our first two albums and some other artists’ songs that felt important to us as a band. it felt like some kind of reset. we recorded the show and forgot about it for a bunch of years. we recently found the recordings and thought people might want to hear them. think of it as a kind of official bootleg I guess. our friend jarvis mixed it and our friends parker and jim made the art. enjoy.

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The show was recorded – obviously – but only released as part of a mini documentary called The Deep DIIV. It was a TIDAL exclusive, and has since been pretty successfully redacted from the internet for reasons, much to the dismay of fans – particularly since it was the only place you could hear the band’s cover of My Bloody Valentine’s “When You Sleep”. Well, ‘gazers rejoice because the whole show is now available on all streaming services as well as to own – as much as you can own MP3s – via Bandcamp. And maybe someday all the live footage will see the light of day, but for now the band have made the clip of “Dopamine” available.

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