Luna – live at 120 Minutes – July 1994

Luna – live at <em>120 Minutes</em> – July 1994

It has not gone unnoticed that despite being one of my all-time bands and certainly fitting within in the genre mandates of this site, Luna have not featured in these pages very much. Partly because while they are again an ongoing concern since reuniting in 2014, they’re mostly a touring act with their only new music coming in 2017 in the form of a covers album and an EP of instrumentals. In other words, they’re not really in the newsmaking phase of their career.

Further, whatever video content they created in the past has really not found its way online. I can’t imagine that their singles through the ’90s didn’t have evem cursory videos – this was the era of MTV and they were on a major label – but I can’t find proof of their existence. The “Chinatown” video is on Apple Music but not embeddable. There’s one for “Slash Your Tires” from Lunapark which’ll make an appearance hereabouts later, but otherwise? Even the 2006 documentary of their farewell tour Tell Me Do You Miss Me seems to be strictly a physical DVD affair.

There is a smattering of more recent live footage – live sessions, concerts, etc, that I’ll probably get into as we go, but the vintage stuff is thin on the ground. So I’m happy to have at least found this two-song set recorded in July 1994 for MTV’s 120 Minutes; dig Sean Eden playing a Les Paul (!) and Dean Wareham doing the tag for an Offspring video.

Bewitched was my first Luna record and “California (All The Way)” the very first song of theirs I heard – the CD was purchased unheard based on magazine reviews way back in the day because that’s how we did things back then – so it will always be a very special song to me.

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